Meet Our Team – Cherry Cantrell

Meet Our Team – Cherry Cantrell

General Manager, Cherry, joined Michaelis Events in 2015. Cherry comes from a background in Food Service Management, including large retail chains such as Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Cherry recently graduated with a degree in Business Management and she has served as Michaelis Events’ General Manager since 2015. She is responsible for overseeing both the Kitchen and Logistics teams, with all chefs and department managers reporting to her. She excels in managing people with a wide array of personalities and talents. She also works closely with our Sales Manager and Sales team to ensure that communication flows seamlessly through all departments.

One of Cherry’s main roles in to ensure that every production department of Michaelis Events delivers exactly what the sales team promised the client (from catering to event florals). This requires an expansive knowledge of both product offerings and industry trends. Cherry excels at working with all team leads and their teams to put out a top notch product for each and every event.

To learn more about joining Cherry’s Industry Leading Team, contact her at 502.243.0000 or



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